Full Day (Private Tour)


6 hours.


English or French.


Car, tour guide.

More Inclusions:

Entrance fees.




Adults: Children:
*Per person: (Minimun of 2 adults required) 55 dollars 30 dollars

Full Day

A.M. We go in the morning to the Moche countryside (25 minutes from Trujillo), on the route we visits the Artisan's house, then we enter to the archaeological complex, capital of the Moche culture where we will see the imposing Huaca del Sol.

Following our route we will visit the Huacas de Moche Museum. Inside, there are pieces of pottery and other objects found during the excavations in the archaeological complex from 1991 until now.

We take our car to go in Huaca de La Luna. At the moment it is in excavation. In the interior we will find the beautiful polychrome murals with the representation of the main God called: Ai-Paec, also known as the “Decapitator.” We walk to the Ceremonial Plaza to observe the stepped facade with enigmatic reliefs in color.

We continue our tour visiting Huaca Arco Iris or The Dragon, located to the north of Trujillo. This temple was built by the Chimu Culture, and it was integral part of Chan Chan. After this visit we go to Chan Chan to visit the Site Museum where we will see the Chan Chan scale model and then we will visit the citadel called Tschudi or Nik An this is the only of nine opened to the tourism.

Finally, we will finish the tour in the fishing village of Huanchaco, famous for the “small reed boats”(Caballitos de Totora) that are used by the local fishermen from ancient times.


- Professional Tour Guide (English or French).
- Car with air-conditioning.
- Entrance fees.


- Meals.
- Transfers from Huanchaco hotels: The extra cost is de 7.00 dollars (one or two people).
- Tip: It is strictly voluntary.

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